Context. Consequence. Value.

These are our core values at LGIS.

We endeavor to provide it-- helping our readers assess the consequences of public policy decisions on their quality of life.
Our aim: improve understanding of your community, state and the world around you.
We ask the questions nobody else does:

  • How much does your local government really spend, including not just our tax dollars but its "secret" off balance sheet borrowing?
  • Why do property taxes rise, even when property values fall?
  • What are the real salaries of local government employees, including all fringe benefits and taxpayer-funded pension contributions?
  • Why is "infrastructure" spending bankrupting your city and devaluing your home, aided by state and federal subsidies that do harm, not good?
  • How and why do county assessors purposely overstate your home value?

Finally, the halls of power have a real media watchdog.

Profligate spending and borrowing. Cronyism. Nepotism. Corruption.

A property tax bill bigger than your mortgage. This is what local politicians give us when they know they aren't being watched.
At LGIS, we believe sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Our experienced team of researchers and news journalists stand ready to hold your local government accountable.

Our News: Just the facts

LGIS publishes hard-hitting, data-driven exposés that arm our readers with the information they need to hold their local governments accountable.